The floodgates have opened!  For the first time in over 80 years, the JOBS Act allows both accredited and unaccredited investors to invest in your show or film.  Opening Night Capital is the definitive theater and film investing portal that is leading the paradigm shift occurring in online investing in theater and film due to the JOBS Act, and the only broker-dealer portal of its kind.

Producers can raise capital on our investment portal in three ways:

1. Regulation D Offering -- Once prospective investors are vetted by Opening Night Capital, they are permitted access to the offering documents, which are out of view for unaccredited investors.  In some cases, as many as 35 unaccredited investors are allowed to invest. General solicitation may be allowed in accordance with Title II of the JOBS Act.

2. Regulation Crowdfunding (CF) -- (Title III of the JOBS Act) allows an entity to raise up to $1 million per year from the crowd, including unaccredited investors.  All can see an Invest Now button on your project.

3. Regulation A+  -- (Title IV of the JOBS Act) allows an entity to raise as much as $50 million from the crowd.  Both accredited and unaccredited investors may invest, the latter subject to restrictions based on income and net worth.

Project not quite ready?  If your project isn't quite ready for prime time, but you would still like to gain exposure among our community of producers, investors, and fans, listing it in our Registry may be a good option.  Contact or call (212) 302-6415 for information.